Software used to run the internet...
and your domain
Linux OS / APACHE Server Software #1 on the web
Linux / APACHE serves more websites, by a vast margin, than all others combined ⋄ Linux is the original open source operating system developed and released to the public by Linus Torvalds
Linux OS / APACHE Server Software #1 on the web
Linux / APACHE serves more websites, by a vast margin, than all others combined ⋄ widely appreciated for its stability, compatibility, flexibility and robust nature ⋄ APACHE is part of the APACHE Software Foundation
cPanel is the web's most powerful tool and best friend to webmasters everywhere
easily setup unlimited email accounts and sub-domains, site users, set permissions ⋄ auto-install awesome software programs, unlimited databases, use file manager to edit files, built-in FTP manager
PHP - PHP Hypertext Preprocessor
Programming language to dynamically compile and process information from multiple resources to be sent to browser in HTTP/HTML format ⋄ powerful functions to include remote files, define multiple languages, configure website and database connections
SQL - Structured Query Language
Database language to dynamically include information selected from database(s) within HTTP/HTML-formatted transmission ⋄ structured data includes tables, rows, columns and fields containing text or numeric values ⋄ easily edit, update, backup, copy, remove, re-install any or all data
HTML5 - Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)
HTML5 is the current rendition of HTML, the language used to layout web pages ⋄ most notably, audio and video controls are included in HTML tags ⋄ HTML5 player is the default media player and JavaScript is the default scripting language
FTP - File Transfer Protocol
Protocol to transfer (upload) files to the server, download, delete or rename files ⋄ use convenient cPanel FTP file manager or widely available utility app such as highly recommended FileZilla
HTTPs - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol secure
Secure protocol essential in transferring private, sensitive, financial information across the web ⋄ dissuades third-party interception and interpretation using encryption and secure certificate authentication installed on your website
SEO - Search Engine Optimization
Devised as a means for better communication between search engines and individual websites ⋄  increase ranking with page/product-specific keywords, description and use of friendly urls ⋄  use search engines' webmasters section to verify content and to index pages in directory listings
HTML5 + CSS + JavaScript = some cool stuff
Seamless integration of layout, style and events-driven page response effects ⋄ transitions, modal screen display, reveal or hide content based upon user activity ⋄ backwards-compatible, older .html documents will display properly in most instances
WebMail - email@yourdomain
Create email accounts for departments, sub-domains, admin, info, all personnel ⋄ manage forwarders, auto-responders, filters, folders, contacts ⋄ no ads, send, receive, check email from anywhere, anytime, any device